We work to diagnose and treat illness. We have experience working with patients that have all kinds of problems including: digestive issues, allergies, autoimmune disease, neurological disease, ADD/ADHD, autistic spectrum adults and children, GYN problems, skin issues, Lyme disease, chronic infections, fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia, hormonal issues such as PMS and those related to perimenopause as well as people who just do not feel well, even though there has never been a definitive diagnosis. We see patients who have or who have had cancer. We order out for laboratory or diagnostic imaging as needed. We value current lab results you may have, please do bring copies to your first appointment.

Our recommendations are based on your presenting symptoms & may include homeopathic remedies, botanical medicine, therapeutic nutrition, lifestyle changes and exercise. Treatments are individualized to the patient and based on patient history and presentation of symptoms in the clinic.

We often refer to other care providers for further diagnostic support and for treatment. We are happy to work in conjunction with your other care providers and to be in touch with them via phone and mail with signed releases from the patient or parent of the minor patient.

At a first visit you should plan to spend about 90 minutes in the office with one of us. Our follow-up visits are scheduled for 30 minutes. You will be asked many questions and a relevant physical exam may be conducted. We welcome your questions during the office visits; informed patients make good partners in this doctor/patient relationship.

We are not on call. We do receive telephone messages during the week, during regular office hours, and do our best to get back to patients within 24 hours. For acute care after office hours and for emergency services at any time, it is best to call and see an urgent care provider.